Mission & Vision

Mission of 3LP

The Three Countries Park network offers a platform for cooperation and the sharing of information on the preservation and development of the quality of open space and the landscape(s) of the 3LP.

It operates:

  • across borders,
  • across sectors and disciplines,
  • across levels
    (i.e. regionally and locally and with a European focus).

The objective of the Three Countries Park is to contribute to a sustainable development of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and support the implementation of the EuropeanLandscape Convention.

Logo Europäische Landschaftskonvention

European Landscape Convention

“The Parties shall encourage transfrontier cooperation on local and regional level and, wherever necessary, prepare and implement joint landscape programmes.”

Article 9 - Transfrontier landscapes

Vision of 3LP

The shaping of the landscape today determines the heritage and the living space of future generations. In the Three Countries Park we preserve and develop a living landscape as a shared space without borders both today and in the future by enabling

  • inhabitants and visitors to find a home and recreation here, to enjoy the beauty of the region and to look after their health in nature;
  • companies with sustainable, circular business models to prosper and their employees to find an attractive and liveable location; and
  • diverse plants, animals and other creatures to thrive and to renew indispensable living conditions in the landscape through their interconnected living processes and (ecosystem) services.

So that our children and their children can still experience the euregional landscape as a vital living and economic area.

Child in Playforest © Yves Adams
Child in Playforest © Yves Adams
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